Gabrielle Kelly, Exalted Ruler

Gabrielle Kelly, Exalted Ruler, 2023/2024

Board Members

Gabrielle Kelly, Exalted Ruler

Pam VanTilburg, PER, Chairman & 4 Year Trustee

Carolyn Sutherland, PER, Leading Knight

Steve Peterson, Loyal Knight

Carolyn Watterson, Lecturing Knight

Vito Bisceglia, Treasurer

Judy Abbott, Secretary

Mac Spicer, 1 Year Trustee

Larry VanTilburg, PDD, 2 Year Trustee

Don Holmes, PER, 3 Year Trustee

Peggy LaFary, 5 Year Trustee

Thank you!

We would like to thank all of the volunteers that worked hard to get the club back up and running after hurricane Ian.